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Wicca's Charm | Reviews | Praise | Excerpt

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people practice Wicca or neo-Pagan witchcraft in America today--as a journalist Catherine Edwards Sanders wanted to understand why such belief systems are attracting followers. When a routine magazine assignment led her to realize that her stereotypes of Wiccans was misinformed, her curiosity propelled her forward. Wicca's Charm: Understanding the Spiritual Hunger Behind the Rise of Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality (WaterBrook Press/ Shaw Books September 2005) explains the powerful attraction of an increasingly mainstream alternative spirituality.

During a year of criss-crossing the country, Sanders interviewed neo-Pagans and witches and found that the lure of this emerging spirituality was not necessarily the occult, but rather the search for meaning in a fragmented and materialistic culture.

With keen observation, challenging insight, and compassionate critique, Sanders produces a lively narrative about what she experienced and discovered during her travels: Halloween rituals in Salem, anti-globalization protests in New York, the contrasts between what seekers find in neo-Paganism that they perceive lacking in the Christian tradition, and Wicca's tug on today's teenagers. She explores why churches often fail to engage the spiritual hunger of many who seek a holistic and authentic worship experience, and she offers spiritual insight and practical help to draw people towards the truth of Christianity.