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Wicca's Charm | Reviews | Praise | Excerpt


Charisma magazine
By Marsha Gallardo

Pagan spirituality is on the rise, and Catherine Edwards Sanders has found out why. Her quest started when she was given a routine magazine assignment and it grew into a year long cross-country adventure of interviews with pagans and witches.

In the process, Sanders' eyes were opened to several truths: May TV shows include witchcraft; paganism commands a large market in chain bookstores; witch promoted political activism and events for children are common. She also found that they church has gaps paganism is filling, such as a concern for the earth, the empowerment of women, the need for ritualism in the practice of faith and others.

Her conversations with Wicca followers—which ranged from interviews with a mother of five who worked at Dairy Queen to a pair of teens who hung out at Starbucks—gives Christians an inside look into this growing spiritual trend, dispelling preconceived stereotypes and showing ways the church can improve.

Sanders' findings expose the blatant need, especially among women, for holistic and authentic worship experiences.

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